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Appliance Maintenance, Mooresville, NC

Regular inspections of your appliances in Mooresville, NC will allow us to know when appliance maintenance is necessary.

Appliance Maintenance, Mooresville, NCAppliance Maintenance in Mooresville – Doing regular maintenance on your appliances is the best way to keep them operating at maximum efficiency and prevent costly repairs. Most maintenance tasks are relatively easy and are just a matter of remembering and taking the time to do them. For the appliance maintenance that is a little more involved, you can call us at Accurate Appliance Repair, and we’ll take care of it for you.

  • Washer/Dryer Maintenance: Be sure to not overload the washer, and set the water level at an appropriate setting. Too much or too little can put extra stress on the motor. Check pockets before putting clothes in the washer to prevent loose objects from becoming lodged in the washer. Clean out lint trap on the dryer after each load, and have the outside vent checked annually.
  • Refrigerator Maintenance: Clean the condenser coils on the back of the ridge frequently. When they become caked with dust and hair, they work less efficiently, making your fridge work harder to keep cool. Check to make sure the seal on the door is tight and replace if it isn’t.
  • Oven/Range Maintenance: Clean up spills as soon as they happen, using oven cleaner rather than the self-clean function on the oven.
  • Dishwasher Maintenance: Clean the filter on your dishwasher regularly, and periodically check the spray holes on your spinning arm to make sure they don’t have any debris buildup in them.

For more in-depth appliance maintenance in Mooresville, North Carolina, call us at Accurate Appliance Repair. We offer annual appliance cleaning service on refrigerators, ice makers, and wine coolers, including performance checks, to encourage a longer life for your appliances. We are also able to conduct preventative maintenance on your appliances (like replacing a belt) before it breaks to prevent bigger damages from occurring. Regular inspections of your appliances will allow us to know when this type of appliance maintenance is necessary. Our honest and trustworthy business has earned an A+ rating with the BBB. We look forward to your business.

At Accurate Appliance Repair, we offer high-quality appliance maintenance services in Mooresville, Charlotte, Cornelius, Davidson, Denver,Huntersville, Statesville and the Lake Norman area.