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Used Appliances: Guidelines to Getting a Bargain, Not a Headache

used appliancesAre you stuck with a washer that no longer washes? A freezer that is keeping the items within anything but frozen? A cooktop that can’t heat water? If your appliances have lived a good life and are no longer worth repairing, the time might be now to start looking for their replacement. However, due to the cost of some of these big-ticket items, it can be scary to buy a new appliance, especially if the purchase is unexpected. If you’re looking for a new appliance, but experiencing some sticker shock at the high price tags, used appliances can be a great option for you. When you follow a few guidelines when shopping for used appliances, you can be assured that you’ll get a bargain instead of a headache!

First, be specific. What features do you really need, and which ones are merely desirable? Appliances these days have all sorts of bells and whistles, but if you don’t buy wisely, you end up paying more for features you won’t use. For example, a single person probably doesn’t need all the fancy features of a large-capacity washing machine. When buying used appliances, make sure they have the features that you need to ensure happiness with your purchase.

Second, do your research. There is a plethora of online reviews these days for everything, including appliances. A simple search of an appliance’s model number can give you reviews, current prices, and potential problems to look out for.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to bargain. Use the above information to get the best deal possible. Ask for discounts if the price is too high or see if they’ll waive the delivery fee. The worst that they can say is no!

If you need help choosing or installing a used appliance, we want to help. Contact Accurate Appliance Repair today!

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