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Signs You Need Dishwasher Repair Services

Dishwasher RepairYour dishwasher may be so much a part of you daily routine that you don’t even think about it — at least until it stops working suddenly and disrupts that routine. You can avoid some unwelcome surprises by keeping your eyes open to possible problems and getting them addressed with dishwasher repair services before the appliance fails completely.

Here are some serious warning signs that you may need dishwasher repair soon:

  • Your dishwasher doesn’t work as well as it did in the past. Maybe you notice dishes that aren’t getting clean or hear noises that are different than you have heard previously.
  • You have cleaned the debris trap, but still notice dishes that aren’t clean or water pooling in the bottom of the unit after you wash dishes.
  • The latch is broken. If you have a broken latch, your dishwasher may not seal properly. This can cause leaks that lead to water damage, or prevent your unit from working as well as it could.
  • Your dishes are not warm to the touch after the cycle is over. To clean dishes with less water, dishwashers heat water to a high temperature and you should expect dishes to be warm at the end of the cycle.
  • You notice cracks on the body of the unit or rust inside the unit.
  • If your dishwasher seems to never stop filling with water, you may have a broken the float switch. This prevents the unit from realizing that it is already full of water and can waste a lot of water over time.

Getting dishwasher repair sooner rather than later can save you money in the long run. It can also improve the life of your appliance, save you water and electricity, and take the worry out of running your dishwasher.

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