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Problems & Concerns: 4 Common Types of Dryer Repair Services

Dryer RepairA dryer should be able to perform hundreds of cycles without a problem.  With proper maintenance and care, your dryer will work efficiently and effectively for many years to come. However, sometimes a problem is unavoidable. Dryers break down for a variety of reasons. When you are faced with a dryer problem, you may be wondering if this is a common issue or if you are just one of the “lucky ones.”  Here is a quick list of common dryer problems and the type of dryer repair service you may be in need of if they occur:

  1. No Heat. A dryer with no heat will eventually air dry your clothes, but this can be a long, inconvenient process. No heat is one of the most common dryer concerns, and it can happen at any time. This is because a dryer with no heat usually has a blown fuse or a broken heating element.
  2. Drum Isn’t Spinning. If the drum isn’t spinning but the motor is working, you most likely have a broken belt. This, too, is actually fairly common. Many handy homeowners can tackle this problem, but the quickest and most convenient solution is to contact us at Accurate Appliance Repair.
  3. Dryer is Making Strange Noises. There are many reasons for strange noises inside a dryer. It is usually not a major problem, but it can be very obnoxious. If your dryer is making strange noises, there may be a loose fitting on the drum or in another working part.
  4. Dryer Won’t Turn On. A dryer that won’t turn on is one that you can’t use. It is not common for a dryer to simply do nothing when you try to turn it on. Check the outlet. If that is not the problem, it is best to contact us for a professional evaluation, diagnostic, and dryer repair.

If you are in need of dryer repair services or if you have a problem you can’t seem to figure out, contact us at Accurate Appliance Repair. With over 25 years of experience, we know what it takes to solve all your appliance problems quickly and effectively.

Problems & Concerns: 4 Common Types of Dryer Repair Services

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