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Oven Repair Issues: DIY, Call a Professional, or Replace It

oven repairThe sad fact is that ovens don’t last forever, and they can stop working even if you don’t use them a lot. Maybe the most use it gets is Thanksgiving turkey or you are addicted to warm, freshly baked chocolate cookies and use it almost daily. In either case, there are some common oven repair issues that you could face. Some of these you can resolve yourself, some you’ll need a professional for, and others mean a new oven is your best bet.

  • DIY – There really isn’t a lot that you should tackle yourself. If you are having an issue, it never hurts to drag out the owner’s manual and read over the troubleshooting section. Sometimes, you just need to adjust your oven’s temperature, change a bulb, or fix a setting that got accidentally changed.
  • Oven Repair Professional – If your oven won’t turn on, the light won’t come on even after you changed the bulb, or it won’t self-clean, these are all oven repair issues you should leave for a professional. Even though some parts are easy to access, without the proper diagnostic equipment you could end up paying for multiple parts before you hit upon the right one.
  • Time to Replace – Some things just can’t be fixed. Old age, rusted parts, an issue with the internal cavity, such as a fallen rack, are all things that are likely going to send your oven to the appliance graveyard.

You can always count on our experienced professionals at Accurate Appliance Repair to give you an honest assessment regarding your oven repair. If it can be fixed, we can do it, but we’ll always give you the relevant information so you can decide if it makes sense to continue with the repair or buy a new or used appliance to replace it. Give us a call today to find out more!

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