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Make Your Refrigerator Last Longer With These Appliance Maintenance Tips

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You already know that buying a new refrigerator can be expensive. However, when it comes to appliance maintenance, you might not get around to doing the things that will make your refrigerator last as long as possible. This is why, at Accurate Appliance Repair, we have a few simple appliance maintenance tips to offer that won’t take up much of your time.

The key to keeping your refrigerator running is to make sure it’s clean at all times. On a regular basis, we recommend cleaning:

  • Under and behind your refrigerator—Every few weeks, remove the base grill of your refrigerator and clean it. This will allow more air to flow through this appliance’s components. You should also clean the coils at the bottom of your refrigerator, so they are able to effectively and efficiently cool things down.
  • The door seals—As part of your appliance maintenance routine, clean your refrigerator’s door seals every time they get sticky. All you need to do this is a soft cloth and some warm, soapy water. You can also apply a layer of petroleum jelly to the seals after you’re done cleaning to extend how long they last.

The ice dispenser—Every two to three months, remove your ice maker’s drip tray and clean it. About every month or so, it’s also a good idea to clean the ice bucket assembly, so your ice doesn’t start to pick up the smells in your refrigerator.

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