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4 Ways to Avoid Emergency Oven Repair

Oven Repair

Oven repair or replacement is a costly ordeal, but it can be avoided if you follow these four simple maintenance rules.

  • Be Careful with Those Cleaning Liquids- An oven may be more delicate than you might realize, and it could potentially be damaged if not cleaned properly. Using soapy water near electronics can cause damage, and may lead to a future oven repair. Don’t use water or other cleaning liquids near electronic buttons or underneath the oven to prevent any electrical damage.
  • Understand When and How to Clean the Inside- Because it is used to cook food, the oven will deal with food spills and stains frequently. To prevent food from causing damage or creating smoke inside the oven, make sure to clean the oven regularly or when messes do occur. This will help prevent the oven not only from aging early, but possibly prevent future oven repairs or replacement.
  • Regularly Inspect Oven Burners- The coil burners within an oven can get damaged or get spots on them. Make sure to inspect them every so often to make sure there is no damage on them because using a coil with a dent or deformity can cause the oven to short out.
  • Install a Spill Tray- A spill tray can be a cheap and simple way to prevent a major spill from causing damage. Along with potentially making cleaning easier, installing a spill tray can help save your oven from an oven repair if a major accident were to occur. However, drip trays should not be used for hidden bake elements. Some hidden element ovens can be damaged when putting anything directly on the surface, so be sure to read your manual for proper care.

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